Mt Vernon

Church of Christ

Park City, KY



Brian Morrison, son of Jackie Morrison of Park City will be having brain surgery next week 

Bro. Hal was moved to SKY Rehab in Bowling Green on Wednesday Sept 2. Anita says he is much improved. Remember him and Anita in prayer


Johnny Madison is recovering well from his last surgery.

Roy's brother, Lewis, in Okeechobee, FL is failing fast.  They are planning on calling Hospic next week.

Shannon Payne, Sherri's daughter-in-law...MS diagnosis

 Prayer Requests

Hal Garland

Johnny Madison

Curtis Wood

Quentin Fox

Patty Reynolds

 Steve Shirley...Anita's son-in-law debilitating arthritis

Evelyn Martin

Jimmy Stephens 

Beth Brown's mother, Vivienne Garner


Jimmy Stephens

Kerry England



Roy Fox


   Hal Garland






Joe Duvall

Jimmy Fox
Johnny Gentry
Shannon Hurley
Mark Key
T. G. Neville
Larry Self



Worship Schedule


 Sunday AM Bible Study  9:30-10:15 AM

Sunday Worship           10:30-11:30 AM

Sunday Evening              6:00-7:00  PM

Wednesday evening         6:00 - 7:00  PM